About ImageWelcome to the Zika Communication Network (ZCN)—your reliable one-stop shop for Zika prevention and preparedness materials.


ZCN strives to support communities currently affected—and those that will soon be affected—by Zika by connecting responders with state-of-the-art knowledge and tools that they can readily use or adapt to their particular context and response plan. ZCN strives to contribute to the following goals:

How ZCN Works

ZCN curates essential, evidence-based tools and resources to help health and development professionals minimize the spread of Zika and related negative pregnancy outcomes using four key strategies:

  • Social and behavior change communication (SBCC)
  • Vector control
  • Delivery of maternal and child health and family planning services
  • Research and development

Visitors can search ZCN’s materials by resource type, topic, audience, language, country, or publication source, or browse our Featured Resources.

For background information on what is Zika, please see WHO’s Fact Sheet.

In addition to its collection of tools and resources, ZCN also curates the latest news and updates related to the Zika response.

The Zika Communication Network is a collaborative effort of all implementing partners working on the interagency Zika Response Initiative. The website is managed by the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project and was created by K4Health and the Health Communication Collaborative (HC3) Project.

Contact us at info@zikacommunicationnetwork.org.