All Against the Zika, Community Surveillance Kit

The material is composed of: flipchart, booklet and a card aimed at encouraging people to spend 10 minutes a week to eliminate Aedes aegypti mosquito breeding places from their homes.

Flipchart : contains information about the Zika virus, symptoms, mosquito reproduction, what to do to prevent and eliminate breeding sites, community actions.

Primer : explains the role of the community promoter, offers guidance on how to carry out their work and how to fill out the vector control sheets.

Vector control sheet : It serves so that each family with the support of the community promoter carries the weekly record on the presence of hatcheries in their homes. It includes a psychological resource for each family to qualify and get a happy face if they do not have hatcheries and a sad face if they have at least one hatchery.

Resource Type(s)
Community Engagement
Mosquito Control
Mosquito Transmission
For the Community
CARE Ecuador
Ministerio de Salud Pública de Ecuador
U.S. Agency for International Development

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