Preparation of the Family Plan before, during and after spraying

The Spraying Campaign focuses on achieving active participation of families, considering that without this contribution it would not be feasible to enter the houses.

The key message was oriented towards practice: / "Organization of the Family Plan" /. Inform the family how to organize to prepare the house for when Beto the Sprinkler visited them.

The dissemination and promotion was divided into three stages: / Before spraying (focused on providing information on the role of Beto the Sprayer and the family), During spraying (How to organize the day the sprays arrive) and After spraying ( the 5 steps to follow when the houses are already sprayed) ./

The creative line of the campaign includes the creation of two characters (Betty and Beto) that project the identity of the Ministry of Health, with the aim of creating a friendly link with the community (Trust, kindness, knowledgeable about the information). The institutional identity of Betty and Beto helped eliminate the negative stigma of the Vector Program in the community.

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Mosquito Control
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