Socioeconomic Impact Study of the SCaZ at the household level

The health condition of boys and girls with SCZ, or some other congenital condition like this, in a family implies higher expenses, compromises the generation of present and future income, reduces leisure time and has an emotional impact and in the family coexistence. In this context, not always the strategies of confrontation adopted have positive effects in the long term, on the contrary, they can become a cause of deterioration of their current and future family patrimony, compromising their well-being.

Children born with a congenital condition, or with a disability, have clinical and non-clinical needs, specific and sometimes complex. In the Dominican Republic, the guarantee of comprehensive attention to childhood disability still depends critically on the socioeconomic situation of the home. The result is an excessive burden in terms of impact on families, and disproportionally on the poorest families and on women. The study has been used as an evidence base for the advocacy work of UNICEF for the social protection of children with disabilities.

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