Songs for the presentation of puppets

The strategy of Social Change and Behavior (SBCC) of Guatemala, focused on several edu entertainment interventions (songs, demonstrations, games, characters, puppets, etc.) that capture the attention of children, adolescents and adults.

One of the key messages of the SBCC strategy is the importance of knowing about the life cycle of the Zika transmitter of Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya, in order to know how families can interrupt each phase of the mosquito and thus prevent it from reaching be adult and proliferate.

To better understand this message, the theater was used to promote good practices in the education sector that interrupt the zancudo's life cycle and help to prevent its proliferation.

The theater has a kit of puppets representing the Aedes aegypti mosquito cycle (4 eggs, 1 larva, 1 pupa and 1 adult zancudo) and songs from each stage of the cycle that give a different dynamic to the dissemination of the message.

The songs with the rhythm of quebradita, hip hop / rap and children's songs were adapted to the messages for the control of the mosquito Aedes aegypti. The creativity of the adaptations and the voice is of Iris Burgos, field supervisor of the ZAP Project.
"Huevitos", adaptation of the Baile del Sapito (Belinda), tells us how to identify the places in the house where there are eggs, motivates to clean the house to avoid sources and nurseries of mosquitoes.

In the case of the larva stage, "La Larva Rapera" in the song tells us who she is and how she develops in mosquito breeding grounds and how she becomes a pupa. The story was adapted to the track of the song Comprendes Mendes (Control Machete).

The children's genre that never goes out of style, is present with "La Zancuda Ingrata" (adaptation of the song "In the Forest of China" by Enrique and Ana), is the adult stilt, who searches the places of the house where to put their eggs, becomes a larva, pupa and when a new cycle begins with the adult stilt, which when it touches transmits the Zika.

The common thread of all the songs is to inform about the life cycle of the mosquito and the good practices to interrupt each phase, preventing it from becoming an adult.

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