Zika Prevention Behavior Matrix

The purpose of the Zika Prevention Behavior Matrix (available in English and Spanish) is to focus Zika prevention efforts on the key behaviors that have the greatest potential to reduce Zika transmission and minimize negative pregnancy outcomes. During the first year of the USAID Zika response in Latin America and the Caribbean, USAID found that over 30 behaviors were being promoted. This large number of behaviors presents a challenge to the potential effectiveness of social and behavior change (SBC) efforts to prevent Zika at the household and community level. Lessons learned from behavioral science, marketing and adult learning have demonstrated that individuals need to hear a message multiple times before they are compelled to take action. It is therefore crucial for partners working in SBC for Zika prevention to promote a harmonized set of behaviors, to “speak with one voice” and increase the chances that these behaviors are adopted correctly. This conclusion prompted the need to determine which of the many behaviors currently promoted have the largest potential impact to reduce Zika transmission, in order to focus prevention efforts around a shorter, common set of most promising behaviors. 

The Zika Prevention Behavior Matrix is the outcome of a review of supporting literature around the relative potential efficacy of various Zika prevention behaviors and a consultative process to determine the key prevention behaviors with the greatest potential impact. The matrix was created in partnership with USAID, UNICEF, and USAID implementing partners and serves as a reference document for partners in the Zika response. 

For additional information on each behavior, see the Technical Specifications Content Guide for Behaviors with High Potential to Prevent Zika.

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